Hegel’s tool of the Dialectic has captured and corrupted Western thought for far to many generations: the Dialectic, simply put, is the staking out of two poles (in our pluralistic age, more), topping them with the banner of equivocation:  they are equal (or, near so) in the production of meaning and authority.  Since the positing of the poles, with their presumed equality, is difficult to maintain (in short, it has no movement, no progression) a synthesis is constructed from the “better” aspects of each pole to create a synthesis.  This synthesis thus becomes the “new” knowledge.  A knowledge, which over time, discovers within its privileged, self-contained knowing (gnosis) poles struggling to stake themselves as separate, contrasting sources of knowing and authority.  From which a new synthesis is cobbled together.  And so on, and on.  A sort of godless eternity; or, one in which God is caught, struggling in the dialectic process, being forever synthesized into new (progressive) definitions.

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Once Catholics reject the “ten steps” that lead to numbness regarding this issue, the repulsive counternatural aspects involved in redefining this most venerable of legal institutions become clear and its rejection more probable than not. The redefinition of marriage to include counternatural unions is not inevitable and it is not irreversible.